Discover the Secret to Having
a Flat, Toned, Sexy Tummy

Discover the unusual techniques and tricks that I used to lose 27.7 pounds and drop 3 jean sizes, in no time at all.

VictoriaHi my name is Victoria and I've got an unusual weight loss story to share with you today...almost the exact opposite of what you will have read in magazines, on the internet or heard from the weight loss industry.

And if you are thinking, "I bet I have already heard this stuff"

I can guarantee you haven't...

These little known secrets are completely different and almost no one knows about them.

I am sharing my story because it's probably similar to your own...

This page will not be up forever so please read it while you can...and by the end of this page I will do more than just tell you a story...

I will give you the solution I discovered.

Again I have to warn you, this page will not be online for long, and may come down as soon as tomorrow, so please read the entire page right to the end while you can.

My story starts out when I was unhappy with my body, and nothing was working to make it change.

I didn't fit into the clothes in my wardrobe...I was unhappy with how I looked in photos.

I was frustrated with the excess weight and fat I was carrying around my mid section.

Nothing was working to make it change

You see I had tried...

  • Putting myself on extreme Starvation diets
  • I tried expensive Detox kits
  • I tried Workout videos
  • Working out at the gym
  • I even tried running
  • I took fat burners that made me feel jittery, anxious and sick...
  • I tried all those Natural superfoods you know like Acai and green tea...

I would lose some weight but never as much as what I wanted to lose...

Before I knew it the weight went straight back on.

I was stuck in a cycle of confusion and frustration.

The more I tried...and failed...the more I felt like I was butting my head against a brick wall.

I was beginning to believe that I would never be the person that I secretly longed to be.

While I may have seemed happy on the outside...I was really sad on the inside...

Well all that changed when I accidentally stumbled upon the secret I am about to reveal to you.

I discovered Everything I had been told about losing weight and getting a flat tummy was wrong...

The secret you are about to learn goes against every weightloss myth you have been told.

And without knowing this secret you will never achieve the flat tummy that you so desire.

I lost weight and got a flat tummy only when I started doing the exact opposite of the myths perpetuated by magazines, so called fitness gurus, and diet books.

These myths are repeated again and again by so called experts who have never struggled with their weight...

these guys just don't understand how hard it is to get into shape...

They think that all you need to do to lose weight is their cookie cutter, one size fits all approach of cutting out all your favourite foods, starving yourself and exercising like crazy...

and they are just flat out wrong.

If you have been a victim of these myths and have struggled to get results that lasted for more than a couple of weeks.

If you have always fallen short of your dream of having a flat toned sexy tummy...

don't beat yourself up for another minute...

It's not your fault.

I was shocked to discover that the secret to losing weight and getting a flat tummy was actually...

Eating More And Exercising Less

Yes that's right...all I needed to do was to eat more and exercise less.

By Eating More And Exercising Less...I was shocked at how quickly I was able to lose 27.7 pounds.

I am pretty embarrassed to show my before picture but here it is.

and here is how I looked after I discovered the secret to getting a flat tummy and lost 27.7 pounds.

How did I do it?

Ok here's my Top 5 Secrets for Getting a Flat, Toned, Sexy, Tummy.

Flat Tummy Tip 1: How to Beat Belly Bloat in 24 Hours

There are Three Main Causes of Belly Bloat:

  • Poor Digestion
  • Water Retention
  • Belly Fat

Using some simple tricks you can beat Poor Digestion and Water Retention in as little as 24 hours...and then keep reading to find out how you can lose so much belly fat in the next 7 days that you can drop a dress size.

For the next 24 hours reduce or eliminate as much of these belly bloating foods as you can:

  • Salt
  • Dairy
  • Bread
  • Starchy Carbs- stuff like Pasta
  • Bubbles - Sodas and Soft Drinks
  • Diet Foods
  • Dried Fruit

At the same time increase:

  • How much water you are drinking
  • How frequently you eat

Flat Tummy Tip 2: Stop Starving Yourself.

Everyone thinks that to get into shape you need to eat less and exercise more...And the less you eat the more you will lose.

It's been scientifically proven that low calorie and restrictive diets lead to binging and blow outs.

When you deprive yourself of food your body can't function efficiently.

Your metabolism slows down so much that your body stops burning fat and starts hoarding fat.

Your metabolism only works when it is being constantly stimulated and the best way to do this is to eat regular meals throughout the day.

A sure sign that your metabolism has dropped is that your body looks and feels more doughy and flabby. A bit like cottage cheese.

When you are on a diet your body releases powerful chemicals to let you now its time to eat.

These powerful chemicals are what cause those unbearable cravings that start every time you go on a diet.

These chemicals are released by your body because it is craving nutrition...But somehow muffins, pastries, chips and chocolates are what people reach for when the cravings become unbearable...and its no surprise that these are the exact worst foods for a flat tummy.

Flat Tummy Tip 3: How you can eat our favourite foods guilt free and speed up your metabolism.

Everyone thinks that to get a flat tummy you need to deprive yourself of your favourite foods.

In fact by strategically eating your favourite foods you can actually speed up your results.

People who eat healthy all the time don't understand that there are foods that you just have to have, and the more you are deprived of them the more you crave them.

Well the truth is that you can actually eat the foods you love, beat your cravings, lose weight & get a perfectly flat toned tummy.

Here's how...give yourself a break and have a guilt free day once a week where you can eat what you love.

Its so much better to have a guilt free day where you can enjoy your favourite foods instead of starving yourself then giving in to cravings every single day.

Having a guilt free day makes you feel happier and you will eat better foods the rest of the time.

The best thing about your guilt free day is that it actually resets your metabolism to work faster, and burn more fat, and keeps your "craving causing starvation chemicals" in check.

When you go back to eating better you burn fat even faster and have less cravings than before.

Flat Tummy Tip 4: You don't need To Do Hours Of Cardio to get a Flat Tummy.

Those magazine articles, websites and weight loss shows all tell you that you need to do hours and hours of cardio to get into shape...

...that hours on the treadmill, hours on the cross trainer, hours on the bike, stepper, or even running outdoors to lose your belly.

Spending hours and hours on cardio actually makes your body softer.

It's also a big waste of time...and who has hours of spare time to waste?

Doing hours of cardio puts your body in a state that destroys your toning and retains fat on your belly.

Who do you think has the best looking body?

A sprinter who only trains in short bursts...or a marathon runner who does hours and hours of endless cardio?

If you picked the sprinter you are right

Sprint athletes have the tightest tummies and best bodies of all the athletes...Endurance athletes have amongst the worst.

You won't see sprinters running for hours and hours on a treadmill.

Overdoing cardio gives you a flabby soft body and puts your body under so much strain that your body starts breaking down.

At the same time as your body gets softer and start getting colds that just wont go away and injuries come out of nowhere...To get tight and toned you need to work your body in a completely different way...

I discovered one of the keys to getting a flat toned sexy stomach was a whole new way of working out.

I developed a three step dynamic training workout system that uses your whole body to shrink your fat cells everywhere.

Its so effective that even after you have stopped working out you will still be shrinking those fat cells, 24 hours a day. This is the only way to work out that will completely remove rolls of unwanted, stubborn belly fat.

If you are exercising now, or about to start working out, here are three quick tips to make your workouts really burn fat on your tummy

Flat Tummy Workout Tip 1: Do dynamic strength work...this is doing cardio and strength at the same time

Stuff like lunge curls and squat presses...anything that raises your heart rate while doing weights is perfect....

Keep moving the whole time but don't rush.

Flat Tummy Workout Tip 2: Always mix up your workouts…never do the same workout twice so your body never adapts and burns the maximum amount of fat every time you work out.

Flat Tummy Workout Tip 3: Heres how to do cardio that does get you toned…

Do your cardio in short bursts, where you alternate between high intensity and active recovery. (Doing cardio like this has been proven to burn 9 times more body fat)…and never do cardio for more than 20 mins a row…

Flat Tummy Tip 5: How to Lose So Much Belly Fat in the Next 7 Days That You Drop a Dress Size

Step 1: Eliminate your belly bloat by making those simple changes to what you eat.
Step 2: Stop starving yourself, so you body will start burning fat from your tummy.
Step 3: Start working out.....the right way.

Now my story could have ended here, but this is where it gets really exciting

My friends couldn't believe the change that happened to my body...straight away they started asking me for help.

I shared these tips with my family, it felt so good being able to help others.

When I shared the weightloss tips with my best friend she lost 17.6 pounds in just a month...

Even my own doctor was begging me to tell him how I was able ditch the fat and get a flat toned tummy so quickly...

I ended up helping him to lose weight as well...

Soon I knew what I wanted to do with my life - help other people LOOK and FEEL great.

I decided to become certified as a personal trainer & set up my own weightloss & fitness studio...

Over ten years at my studio I was able to help thousands of women ranging in age from 16 to 63 to finally lose their belly fat & get the flat toned sexy tummy that they all thought they could never have...

Then I put everything that I learnt, tested and proved at my studio time and time again into a simple system for losing weight and getting a flat toned sexy tummy...

The Birth of the Flat Tummy Solution

I decided to call this system the Flat Tummy Solution... In just a second I will show you some pictures of women who have already got incredible results using the Flat Tummy Solution...And you can too...

In the Flat Tummy Solution I reveal a simple and easy to follow system for losing weight & getting a perfectly flat tummy...

If I had this program when I was struggling with my would have saved me years of frustration and disappointment...

In the Flat Tummy Solution I tell you what to eat, when to eat, exactly what to do when you workout...and how to stay motivated...

To keep it really simple I divided the Flat Tummy Solution into a few easy to access guides...

In the Nutrition Guide I expose how so called "diet foods" can actually cause you to gain weight and bloating. I also share one simple trick to ensure your body is releasing fat from your tummy...every client who has started training with me has struggled until they learnt this trick.

In the Nutrition Guide I tell you when you can eat your favourite foods, guilt free, and how much of them you actually need to eat...To make it really easy to put everything together I also made Done For You Meal Plans.

All you need to do is print them out and eat the food. No calorie counting is required! They even come with a handy shopping list.

In the Motivation Guide you will find one simple trick that you wont have heard anywhere before for getting and staying motivated.

In the Workout Guide I have included outlines of the exact workouts I take my clients thru at my studio.

  • Even if you have never exercised before you don't need to worry, you will find the workout guide so simple.
  • These workouts follow my special formula for burning fat, getting super fit and flattening your Tummy FAST
  • You can easily do the workouts at your local gym or at home with no equipment.

Here's what you wont be doing in the Flat Tummy Solution

  • You wont be starving yourself, we already talked about how starving yourself actually prevents you from getting results.........on this program you will be amazed at how much delicious food you will be eating and you wont ever be hungry.
  • You wont have to spend hours cooking or preparing ingredients you have never heard of. Every food you need can be bought from the supermarket...
  • You wont have to spend hours working out...There's no complicated exercises, you are not going to feel self conscious or embarrassed working out...just follow the pictures in the simple work out outlines...
  • You don't have to join a gym all the workouts can be done at home...
  • You don't need to buy any supplements, powders or expensive bland gluggy pre-packaged meals...

Ok here is exactly what you get in the Flat Tummy Solution Program..

The Flat Tummy Solution Diet

This is the complete easy to follow and implement eating plan.

You already know that you wont get a sexy flat toned tummy by starving yourself...but you also need to know exactly what to eat and when.
I tell you exactly what to eat...what not to eat...when to eat...and how to ensure you never feel like you are missing out on your favourite foods.

The Flat Tummy Foods Guide

To make it even easier I have included a comprehensive flat tummy foods list. At a glance you can see what foods will give you a flat tummy, what foods wont and what foods you can still enjoy on your guilt free day.

The Flat Tummy Solution Workout Guide

This guide details my exact formula for workouts that enlist your whole body to shrink fat cells everywhere, 24 hours a, giving you a perfectly flat, tight sexy stomach.

The exercises are simple to do but also engage every muscle in your body including your core for a Total Body Fat Burn to guarantee a flat tummy...

The workouts are not just about doing crunches- you will be toning up your tummy, arms hips thighs and butt.

The Flat Tummy Solution Workout at Home Guide

I know a lot of people are really uncomfortable going to the gym, and who could blame I have also created the working out at home guide.

The Flat Tummy Solution Motivation Guide

From time to time everyone finds themselves struggling with motivation...this guide unlocks the key to unstoppable motivation...

The Getting Started Section

So you can get a flat tummy even faster I created the Getting Started Section to get you started straight way.

This section has just the essentials you need to get started today.

The entire Flat tummy solution Program is instantly downloadable to your computer, there's no waiting for a package to arrive in the mail.

Many people have used just the Getting Started section of the program to get awesome results week after week...even without reading the rest of the program.

The Flat Tummy Solution Recipe Book

This 63 page recipe book is packed full of simple, basic, tasty meals for women who don't have hours of time to spend in the kitchen but still love flavour.

My personal favourites are the Superclean Pancakes on page 5, and the Protein Parfait on page 62


The Fat Flush Meal Plan

This is my super simple, done for you meal plan, just follow it and you will get a flat toned sexy tummy.

It's made up of real everyday foods that you can purchase from the supermarket.

I have set it up so there are many choices for every meal.

You are never going to be stuck eating something you don't like and there is so much variety so you never get bored.

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Fat Flush Meal Plans

I have also included complete Vegetarian and Gluten Free Fat Flush Meal Plans so if you are vegetarian or are gluten intolerant you have a full range of options.

Breastfeeding Fat Flush Meal Plan

I have also included a complete Breastfeeding Fat Flush Meal Plan so if you are a breastfeeding mother you will have a full range of options.

Flat Tummy Solution Workout Programs

Just print out a workout, take it to your gym, or follow along at home

The Superclean Meal Plan

After testing this meal plan on my clients I have seen it gets results faster than any other meal plan I have ever seen.

Vegan and Gluten Free Superclean Meal Plan

You'll also get the full Vegan and Gluten Free Superclean Meal Plans as well...

How To End Emotional Eating And Beat Cravings

My second bonus is my brand new guide 'How To End Emotional Eating And Beat Cravings'

Success in your program relies on getting in control of your eating and this bonus addresses how to overcome these major pitfalls.

Let me show you some of the results that people have got following the Flat Tummy Solution

Stephanie, 27 of Sydney lost 32.2 pounds and 21.1 inches

"I now have noticed a more toned body and that my clothes fit me more comfortably now."

Anthea, 59 of Sydney In Just 56 Days: Fat Lost 14.5 pounds and 9.1 inches

“I was so surprised by what I was able to achieve at my age and how easy it was.”

Jessika, 25 of Melbourne

In just 56 days: Lost 14.3 pounds of fat from her belly and 15.4 inches

“Thanks for helping me achieve the body I can be proud of again”

Abby, 33, Teacher and Mum of 2,Sydney

“I’ve Lost 46.3 pounds and Transformed My Life in Many Ways”

Sue, 47, of Sydney 109.8 pounds

‘I’ve got so much energy now, I’m doing stuff I wasn’t doing before, I’m Happier, I’m stronger and I’m fitter-AND HEALTHIER!’

So how much does the Flat Tummy Solution Cost?

Well...if you were to work with me at my studio it would cost well over $1188 for just 12 workouts...

  • But I am not going to charge you that...
  • I am not even going to charge you $500
  • I am not going to charge you $240
  • I am not going to charge you $110

The entire Flat Tummy Solution is yours for just $46...

That's less than just one session with me as your trainer...

That's even less than the cost of just one coffee a day for a month...

Your Results are 100% Guaranteed

If you don't get results after following my program for 30 days then just ask for a refund at the end of the 30 days and you'll get back every cent...

I am so sure the Flat Tummy Solution will work for you, I am taking all the risk.

Special Bonuses for the next 20 Clients to order the program

14 Days Free Access to My VIP Membership Program

I get over 600 emails a week from people who need my help. As much as I'd like to answer each of them, I simply can't.

I am not normally available for personal coaching...normally I just don't have time.

I am making the commitment to 20 people who want truly amazing results over the next 14 days and who really want to make a change.

So if you have a question about:

> What to eat
> How to track your meals without counting calories
> What you should and shouldn't include in your 5 meals
> How to know if you are eating too much or not enough
> Or anything else about the program
> Advice on how to get more protein into your diet
> How to change up any of the workouts

Just login to my VIP member's only site and ask any questions for a direct response from me

12 New Fat Blasting Workouts

I am also adding 12 brand new fat burning workouts to the workout section of the Flat Tummy Solution Program.

If you order today you get the full program as well as these bonuses for just $46...

As soon as the first 20 orders go through I will be taking this page down.

So that's instant access to the entire program, the bonuses, and my money back guarantee for just $46

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You are now at a crossroads.

You can keep on trying to do the same thing that you have always done...and get the same frustrating, disappointing results you have always got...or...

in just a few days on the Flat Tummy solution Program you will notice that your tummy feels less bloated...your clothes are already fitting more comfortably and your food cravings are fading away.

Just think in as little as 30 days you can love what you see in the mirror.

You wont be stuck thinking negative thoughts about your body every minute of the day.

Your confidence will have skyrocketed and you will love shopping for clothes...especially when you are going out.

You will love being in photos.

You will love getting honest compliments.

You will be heaps more confident around guys...

and you will have more energy and be more active doing things that you never thought you would do...Picture how wonderful it will feel to be able to do all of that any time you want.

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